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About San Felipe Storage

Whether you're involved in the Baja 1000, the Baja 500 or the popular Baja 250, CODE's San Felipe 200, the Race Ready 275, NORRA's Mexican 1000 or the RECORD races, San Felipe Storage can offer you pit space for the race as well as a safe and secure location to warehouse your rigs and equipment while you enjoy the amenities of the town during your stay. There'll be no need for a designated sentry, the poor shmuck who draws the short straw and misses the entire evening of margaritas and dancing. San Felipe Storage will ensure your properies are safeguarded.

During pre-runs or races, don't leave your expensive equipment in dubious care. San Felipe Storage offers a spacious, secure compound with the latest electronic insurances.


For more information about pit space, vehicle and equipment storage,
please email sanfelipesafestorageampersangmail.com


San Felipe Storage

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