About Us

San Felipe Storage was born over a conversation at the Red Lobster many years ago. We were looking for a business that would fill a need in San Felipe, and provide employment opportunities for local residents. Somehow, for no known reason, the idea of a mini-storage with a yard for RVs, boats, and other equipment surfaced, largely because R.J. Naylor, one of the original partners, had been in that business prior to retiring. He is an engineer, so he volunteered to design and build the facility. Pat and Doreen Butler offered to provide the land, preparation, and help set up the corporation.

The Nystroms contributed a lot of work in setting up the company and contributed a pot full of money. A little later Sam and Diane Grubb came along and contributed more money and are providing the management of the company. Mary Lou Wilhelm, a local artist, provided more financing and the design for the letterhead. Our first year of business was fun, frustrating, and rewarding.

We are rapidly filling up the facility and our customers have been great to deal with. Our employees are outstanding and have quickly learned the business. The company has grown and evolved into not only a storage facility. Spaces range from 3’x5 to 10’x15′.

We also have a household goods importing service are currently looking at several different ideas for expanding what we offer. We would welcome any suggestions that you might have to augment or improve our services.