When moving to Mexico a one-time exception from the household import duty is allowed upon completion of many legal requirements. Requirements include a temporary or permanent residency card, proof of residence in both the United States and Mexico, an inventory list approved by a Mexican Consulate, an import license, and customs clearance. Some items do not qualify for this exemption and must be handled differently. A trucking company licensed in both the USA and Mexico is also required, otherwise, goods are unloaded and warehoused at the border and loaded to another tuck. This and problems with customs inspections may hold up your shipment for several days and expose your belongings to damage and theft. We handle the entire process for you. We deliver your household goods from your home in the USA to your doorstep in Mexico without changing trucks and with a minimum of delays a the border.


We are experts at importing your household goods into Mexico. Our staff can take the mystery out of shipping your belongings to Mexico. We can:

  1. Translate your inventory into
  2. Handle the import and customs
  3. Arrange for trucking
  4. Load and unload your goods
  5. Temporarily store them until your
    casa is ready

We have become very efficient at moving and our prices are significantly lower than the moving and storage companies from the United States. Please call us for advice on getting through the process and a quote for your goods.

Hours of operation:
Monday – Saturday: 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM
Sunday: Closed